A book of interest and Ogham gardens

Graham Burgess has long been involved in the New Stonehenge project.  He also helped take a large piece of Preseli Bluestone, shaped like a turtle, on a journey around various points in the UK and over to Canada to the International Peace Garden there.

He was a researcher and horticulturalist for Kew Gardens and is a major designer of gardens including The Beatles Maze at the International Garden Festival in Liverpool, landscaping for the John Lewis Partnership and works with symbols such as the Ogham. 

He is currently involved in a Druid garden project for one of the major Flower Shows here in the UK in 2020. It would include an Ogham circle and also items made from plants and plant materials. Graham is looking for anyone who can make a contribution of such items to be included in the garden. If there are any Druids in the UK who could lend an item made from traditional materials that would be great. All ideas welcome. Please contact Graham Burgess at graham@gyrdan.demon.co.uk if you would like to be involved!

Graham's previous garden at Hampton Court Flower Show - promoting a Christian Aid campaign - was seen by 1 billion people worldwide on TV, so it would be lovely to share a Druidry inspired garden too! A more comprehensive display will be part of a 'New Stonehenge' Project being planned later.

With a mind that can see and unearths the hidden in plain sight, he has a new book published at:


Graham Burgess PRDS book coverjpg