Stonehengestones - Preseli Bluestone 

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Welcome to our website.  

Our company was founded in the month of May in the year 2000 and we inspired the global interest in Preseli Bluestone.  Until then most of the interest in Stonehenge related to the large Sarsen stones and very little was known about the Bluestones.

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What are Preseli Bluestones?

Preseli Bluestones are the stones that were used in the building of Stonehenge 5,000 years ago and are only found in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

In May 2000, when all seven planets were in the constellation of Taurus, we first discovered the beauty of polished Preseli Bluestone.  We ensured our stone was legal to extract and supply for commercial purposes acquiring the correct licensing and permissions.  For the first time for Millennia these unique and magical stones were able to be seen in their polished form.  We worked with geologists  and were able to ascertain that the petrological qualities for our stones matched some of the innermost circle at Stonehenge.  Over the years our founders worked with archaeologists, geologists and engineers to learn more about those these stones.  We also worked with renowned crystal therapists such as Sue and Simon Lily and artisans such as Rhiannon of Wales.

Now you can own a piece of genuine Stonehenge stone taken from its original source in the Preseli Hills.  We polished and set these beautiful stones into a range of jewellery and created The Merlin Ring and our Standing Stone keyring out of solid Preseli Bluestone. 

In ancient times, stones were considered to be holy and magical objects, homes to spirits and deities. In local Welsh legends and folklore it is said that the Preseli Bluestones possess healing and magical powers. It is no surprise then that this rare stone should be used for this Island's greatest megalithic structure - the very root of all our architecture.  In Welsh the name is Carreg Las, a name meaning blue green stone which reflects the actual colour but it was translated only to blue in English. 

Preseli Bluestone Geology
Preseli Dolerite (Bluestone) is a metamorphic igneous rock made up of plagioclase feldspar and augite and is a Pyroxene mineral (calcium magnesium aluminosilicate. Ca Mg, FE, AI, (AlSi206). It is a medium grained dark and heavy rock, harder than granite. Preseli Bluestone tools, such as axes, used by our ancestors to carve granite, have been discovered.

Please note our stones have always been sourced legally and ethically without taking them from protected sites or damaging the environment.  A lot of people have copied our inspiration and sadly a lot of the stone out there is not taken from the correct or sustainable sources.   We now have only a limited quantity of Preseli Bluestone left.